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Review on LOVE

today was the release day of LOVE!
you know guys!! TODAY! TODAY! TODAY!

Do you get your copy?..Collapse )


Personality analysis

I just played from http://world.doubutsu-uranai.com/

it was looked fun so i asked.. "hey, lemme try it!!! okay okay! I BEEEEEG YOU (teeth gritted) " lol ...

and here the result i am a BROWN PANTHERS

huuah... the picture looks like i am such a gorgeous  mysterious lady... but the fact, not at all!

lol~ my friends tend to say "me look like first year... like a kid, little, small, seems have no problem !! fufufu   :D

then lets say what they said bout me~ jang jang jang jang....

meh 2
Brown panthers personality is very cheerful, and free from care.
Such character attracts people and helps to build up network of connections.
Brown Panthers have very pure heart, and dislike anything crooked.
You devote to others full heartedly and faithfully.
You are very independent and at the same time a hard worker.
Because of this personality, other people naturally see you as a leader.
Money wise, and in personal relations, you have good fortunes.
You are weak in sales and bargaining.
You tend to lack to see insight, but smartness is Brown Panthers belief, so you can negotiate in your own pace, and can lead the others to come along.
You are strong willed person with pride, and do not like to loose.
You get interested in many things and tend to challenge new things.
But you lack the last step forward, and therefore need more modest effort making.
You have a personality of a daydreamer.
When this fantasy leads to real project, it can end up in development of extremely unique item that may sell millions.
You are suited to idea creating occupations such as in advertisement.
However, you are not too good at balancing out the money and the work, so you need to be careful on that.

and what do you think guys? it is even match with my personality??

my opinion:

yes! indeed! i am a damn daydreamer... i have many dreams, i can not just stand still and think become remain the same with the others..

and not good with balancing between money and work? yes it is, lol~ when i choose a job money not come first... lol~ (even though i still prefer wit good salary !)


i dont know again... it is really hopeless of mine.. what the hell are you doing? such a reckless action.. i should be carefull.. and it's failed because a silly thing,,, what was that? i lose my dream only because it didnt sent? and i juz realised juz now? no thanks friend you are end!


Ikr~ well if i were they probably i'll do the same.. Well, altough i seldom doing critizise person, still it's hurt, juz keeping more two till three weeks.. I can free.. I can be myself then

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July's Post!

Hi Ohayou! Like as always I wrote on -such- early morning! >.< (it sounds like i am a morning person, well actually not,.. It's only my family have a rule "WAKE UP EARLY is A MUST, wheater u are in holiday or not".. So it's a habit)

so.. What today's topic? But none.. Ne
I never thought i have a topic while i wrote my journal~ Lol.. Randomness is my middle name!! It follows my mood and ideas follow, thats why u can found so many gramar mistakes here and there, bcz i'm not -planing before- person.. Hahaha..

Recently, well my RL still around uni's life, i have such like a team groub, but i dont fell comfort with them, always have akward atmoshphere for me.. Wht should i do to overcome this problem? Well, if u find me as "not to much speak person" it means i'm not comfort with the situation.. If u know me as "random person" it means i fell so comfort with u.. And what a bad luck wth this group!! I'm still hve 2 months group working with them! #sigh

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I just read a journal page.. She said she managed to "met" ohno satoshi...

URAYAMASHII! I also want to met Him!!

I Want to go JAPAN BADLY!!

But, i also did my best so i can go to japan, but that is not my luck, huh?

Maybe next time is my turn..

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Nino's month


And now time showed 06.28 am!!

Again in early morning update!! Lol

it's already june, right, nino's month (also my friend's and my brother's) , and a little bit come to the end of semester (in my country, semester count from a half to end of year and the backwards)



recently, rl was really tough for me, i cant finish it unless i give 100 % concentrate on it...

I even can't follow any arashi's regular tv program...

Only one word..


ijou desu~
nijuyokka deshita

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OHAYOU! When i posted this journal, the time showed 06.50! So Early to write a journal!! ^ ^..

But, hell yeah.. No one want a shit!!! #sorry ~
(stop talking badly )

i juz read my friend's blog, she is doing her thesis now, and made me realize, write a thesis is not like -a piece of cake- thing..

Well, yeah.. It is a common thing, everybody knows that well, still realizing me to start thingking over my thesis will be, if i want graduate as soon as possible..

Plus u know that, one of my friends (she was in the same year with me) already graduated! And soon she will do graduation ceremony! Another Shocked!!

However, i congrated u girl!~ u do ur job very well! I'll bring to you a "pink flower" as u wish.. XD.. Then JUST HAVE A GRADUATION PARTY! yeah yeah yeah *dancing

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first day of may 2013

hi there..
It's me again...
(juz imitiate sho chan's way) XD..

Well, recently the wheater juz too hot.. I dont know wheater rainy or dry season anymore...
The earth is already old, ne..

Recently, i was really busy with my assignments, seems like my live only my uni live.. It's really stressfull, also the problems that i have with my coleague, i juz want to kick him out!!

And.. I have a comp. Soon..
I will sing 'two' in my competition.. Hopely i will be succed this time.. XD


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argh! I hate to read that ! It broke my heart.. I know, it's imposible to him to be alone forever, and i know -perfectly- he has(or had?) someone he love, and it's too sad for him if he has not..

But, still it is hurt me alot.. I do love him (really? Maybe.. Hahaha..)

i hate have this feeling, but i also can not avoid it..


when my tale will begin?

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